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I’m So Vain…

Leave it to me! Oh, and if you're wondering about my outfit here are the details: dress by Urban Outfitters, earrings and leggings from Forever 21 and boots by Seychelles.

Ok, so these pictures are for a project I’m working on…I swear I’m not really this vain. These shots of me and my pooch, Walter, were taken by my dear friend Angie Wyant, a fabulous photographer. She has an amazing eye. Thanks, Angie!

I'm sorry to report, the balloon died shortly after the photo shoot wrapped.
That balloon really did steal the show!
Meet Walter, the best dog ever!
Another shot of me and my little man.
Walter demanded a solo shot.
And my solo shot.
The entire day was a blast - thanks, Angie!
This little guy has stolen my heart.



  1. marissaaross

    these are fabulous!

  2. bowsandsparrows

    why thank you, darling.

  3. Peptogirl

    LOVE the photos! I especially love your outfit. too cute!

  4. KarinSF

    These are fantastic E. You and Walter are a very photogenic couple!