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This week was downright awesome. First of all, I took two days off of work and headed to Southern California to explore the coast and to embrace my inner child at Disneyland. My partner in crime? My beautiful mother. We had such a blast and I feel so blessed that she is healthy and active and able to keep up with me (despite being 5 inches shorter than I am).

Then, I came home to my awesome boyfriend who cooked me some amazing meals this week! I tried to get him to start a food blog, but apparently he never measures anything. Drats! Oh, well, at least I get to eat his tasty creations!

Finally, I went over to my friend Veronica’s house to hang with her handsome hubby, their darling boy, Benicio, and our super-talented designer friend, Andrea (aka Dre). They’re my peeps. You know, the kind that make you laugh, keep you grounded, help you when you’re down and will always be there for you…even if life is busy or they have to miss an episode of “30 Rock.” 😉

Like I said, it was an awesome week. I hope you all had an equally amazing week!