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Room Tour – “D’s” Work in Progress

I recently applied for a position on the Apartment Therapy tour contributor team. While I didn’t end up getting the job, I thought it would be a waste not to share my tour submission. After all, my friend Brittany was kind enough to answer a series of questions and let me invade her two-year-old son’s bedroom for a morning. I hope you enjoy this mini tour…


Child’s Name: “D” (2)
Location: Sacramento, CA
Room Size: 10.5′ x 10.5′

When Brittany and Chris began the process to foster-adopt, they were asked to create room in both their home and hearts for a child. At the time, they weren’t sure if their little one would be a boy or a girl, a newborn or a 6-year-old child. All they did know was they had a lot of love to give and a forever home to share with a child who needed them.

They set out to create a room-in-waiting for a child they had yet to meet, beginning with the basics: a simple bed, neutral bedding and a dresser. Since meeting their son “D,” the couple has slowly and thoughtfully been decorating his room to fit his personality. The space is simple, uncluttered and homey—a cozy space that “D” can call his own.

“It’s still a work in progress, but we like the simplicity of it,” remarked Brittany. “And I suppose it will always be changing as our boy grows and finds new interests.”




How would you describe the look and feel of this room? 
Natural, calming, simplistic. Our hopes for this space were to make it a healing place, a refuge for our child. We kept the colors neutral and the elements natural, focusing on toys and materials that provide full freedom for his imagination to nurture his growth.

What was your biggest indulgence?
The biggest indulgence was probably the House in Habit teepee, though not by much and it still wasn’t too expensive. It is by far the most used item in the room. It is our boy’s reading nook, his secret hiding spot, his favorite place to play. And knowing this was crafted with love by fellow baby raisers Mike and Jessica Kraus make it worth a little extra.


What is your favorite piece or element?
My personal favorite is Fred Jr. cardboard moose head from Uncommon Goods. It adds a playful element to the room that was lacking before. “D” also loves it. “Moose” was one of his first words!

What was the biggest challenge decorating this room?
The biggest challenge at first was creating a room for a child whose age and gender were unknown. We knew that the child we would be placed with would be somewhere between the ages of 0- and 6-years-old, but we didn’t know much else. Starting with a simple base was important for us, so that once we met our child we could fill the room with items that interested him/her. Finding neutral items for children is surprisingly difficult!

photo-11 photo-12

What do others say about the room?
People always comment on how clean the room is. Part of that is due to our decision to keep toys and décor to a minimum. Having a limited number of items for “D” to play with does keep the room tidy, but doing so allows him to focus on enjoying a few items at a time. We keep a stash of extra books and toys on the top shelf of his closet, swapping them out regularly so that he doesn’t get bored.

Do you have any advice for parents creating a room for their child?
Create a space that is centered around your child, where he or she can explore and play. Hang décor at your child’s eye level; keep shelving low to the ground for easy access. Provide toys that allow the child to use his or her own imagination. And remember that sometimes less is more.

photo-5 photo-13

If money were no object, what’s your dream source?
Still, I’d prefer to scavenge local thrift stores and my grandparents’ storage. There’s something about furniture with a story to tell. Not to mention, it seems silly to spend lots of money on items that will be well used by our very hands-on toddler!

photo-9 photo-10

Source List:
Dresser: Craigslist
Light: Thrifted
Global Compassion printChildren Inspire Design
Teepee: House Inhabit
Rug: Ikea
Cardboard Moose HeadUncommon Goods
Crate: Thrifted
Bed: Hand-me-down from a friend
Bedspread: West Elm
Blanket + Pillow: West Elm




  1. Great pictures! They totally should have chosen you!

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  4. Jen

    So great! I bet you were a contender!

  5. such a beautiful post, from the photos and the story behind the photos. I love that your friends thought of pretty much everything for their child to be all the way to keeping everything that their eye level. Disappointed that you weren’t picked for the position, but you definitely still have a great eye for detail and style. Hope that all is well!

  6. Such a sweet little space! I loved reading the thought process behind each choice. I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t chosen for the AT job, but you’re incredibly talented. Here’s to the next great opportunity!

  7. Gorgeous photos!! It is a shame they didn’t snatch you up. Lovely story about D too. I hope they become a regular series- you should definitely continue to do these.