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DIY :: Sweetgum Pod Ornaments

A couple days ago, I was walking through my neighborhood and stumbled upon a bunch of sweetgum pods on the ground. Spotting the spiky balls instantly transported me back to my childhood, when my mom taught us how to use them to make glitter ornaments. It was a super simple project, and the outcome made for really pretty holiday decorations. There’s no time like the present to embrace your childhood, so I gathered up the pods and headed home to get my craft on.

If you’re feeling inspired, consider making some for your own Christmas tree. I’ve also seen the pods used to make table center pieces or decorative garland…if you’re feeling extra inspired! To make the glitter ornaments, you’ll need dried sweetgum pods, craft glueglitter and lacquer.

First, you’ll need to coat your sweetgum pods in glue. See, I told you this was going to be super easy.

Next, place the pod in a bowl and sprinkle with glitter, rotating to ensure you cover the entire thing.

Let the pods dry overnight, then spray with a lacquer to secure any loose glitter. Once the lacquer dries, slip an ornament hook through one of the loops in the pod and you’re good to go!

Finally, hang your new glitter ornament on your tree and enjoy!



  1. love it!

    i always wondered what those were really called. we’ve resorted to monkey balls, so now i know.

  2. Liz

    Super cute, Erin!