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DIY :: Salvaged Wood Headboard

A couple of months ago I spotted a DIY project for a salvaged barnwood headboard over on Design Sponge—immediately forwarding the link to my boyfriend. At the time, we were living in different cities (him in Chico, me in Sac), and one weekend when I was visiting him we (and by we, I mean he)  decided to tackle the project.

A friend of his had some old fence boards in need of a good home, so we took them off his hands, hit up Home Depot for a few supplies and then got started on making our headboard. While the headboard has actually been done for months now, it just recently made it’s way to our new home that we share together in Sacramento. I’m so happy with how the headboard came out. I’m also really proud that my guy made it for us.

Rather than recount the exact steps we/he took, I’d just suggest you just take a look at the original post that inspired us. Besides, I really took on more of a supervisory role on this project so I’m not sure I could even tell you what Jeff did or in what order he did it.

At any rate, here are some pictures we took during the project and some shots of our headboard in its final resting place.

 For info on how to make the DIY rug above, check out this post.



  1. kerry

    so totally inspired to do this. what finishing did you guys use? I saw the original blog post , and they used a ‘driftwood stain’ but your coloring looks a little richer.

  2. It looks great, your room looks stylish and cozy.

  3. erin (aka bows & sparrows)

    @kerry – It could be that we used a different type of wood. I know we bleached the wood first (to kill any bugs) and then sprayed it with a solution we made by soaking a steel wool in vinegar. We then used a clear stain to seal it.

  4. erin (aka bows & sparrows)

    @Kristi – Thanks, lady! I’m so thrilled with how the place is coming together. 🙂

  5. erin (aka bows & sparrows)

    @kerry – Oops, forgot to mention the vinegar solution helps age the wood. See here: http://www.jasonandshawnda.com/foodiebride/archives/11310

  6. notanotherDIY

    The proof is in the pudding. Clear stain? Ummm…it is actually a clear water base lacquer, so it seal and creates a bit of sheen. I still love you though.

  7. Lindsay Ann

    Jeff is stylish even while he is working. Adorable! =)

  8. I feel like you instagrammed (did I really just use that as a verb??) a picture of this a while back and I was curious how it turned out! It looks fabulous! I’m sure a lot of effort went into it, but it actually looks pretty effortless…..the point of every DIY project, right?