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Trends I Love :: by Heather (of Paper Doll Smile)

Hello everyone! Heather Marie from Paper Doll Smile, blog sitting for Erin while she’s out having a blast! I’ve gotten to know her through Twitter and Facebook and I just think she’s a doll. So I was really excited when she asked me to guest post on Bows & Sparrows.

I’ll tell ya a bit about me. I’m a hairstylist/make up artist at Lush Salon and Spa in Midtown Sacramento. I’ve been there for about six years. When I’m not working I enjoy blogging away, tweeting {I’m a social network freak}, reading A LOT, and spending time with my wonderful fiancé and pet turtle, Delilah. You may find me out and about at a music venue, here and there, but not too often. I enjoy spending most of my time in doors relaxing.

For many years I was considered not very stylish. I loved me some jeans and a plain T-shirt. Not very lady-like. This year I gave myself a make over inspired by all my favorite blogger ladies. I went on a huge shopping spree to redo my entire wardrobe. It was a success! I’m not one for attention so the girls at work have been super supportive and try to hide their excitement when I wear a dress. I laugh just thinking about it. For this post I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite trends. I’ve collected quite a few myself and continue to add on to my new and improved sassy wardrobe.

Trends I Love by Heather (of Paper Doll Smile).

Socks with Wedges—I just love the way socks look with a cute pair of wedges and adorable skirt. It changes the whole look and makes it a bit playful rather than sexy.

Big Floral Headbands—It’s no secret that I adore everything in Sunshine and Carousels Etsy shop. Especially their headbands. I think the big floral piece makes for an easy style and a pop of color.

Pleated Skirts—Bonnie from Flashes of Style always has the most gorgeous pleated skirts. I am super jealous of her collection. I love the thin fabric and texture. It’s soft and airy. I purchased my first pleated skirt the other day and I was so excited! Can’t wait to wear it!

High-Waisted Jeans—They make me think of Zooey Deschanel. That girl can pull off a high waist like no other. It’s classy and fun. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of over the low looooooow waist. How many times a day do we have to pull up our pants in those things? Sheesh! Even with a belt! I give up.

Chevron Patterns—I don’t know when this trend started but keep it coming! I am absolutely falling head over heels for all the colors and styles. Chevron shoes. Chevron necklaces. Chevron dresses. Chevron you-name-it. I want it. This dress from the Red Velvet Shop is a must!

Messy Hair Bun—I seriously cannot wait for my hair to get a bit longer. I am totally digging the ridiculously big messy bun. Right now mine is just a little knob. Anything that makes it that much easier for me to be lazy with my hair gets an A++. You can dress it up with a cute little headband or barrette and ta da! Easy breezy.

What kind of trends are you loving right now?

The adorable Heather Marie (of Paper Doll Smile).

Heather Marie is a prolific blogger, avid music fan, major book nerd and super talented hairstylist/make up artist living in Sacramento, CA. She’s happily in love with her best friend and soul mate, and also has mad love for her box turtle, Delilah.

Get to know more about her over on her blog Paper Doll Smile, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.



  1. great post & lovely pictures :)
    Live.Laugh.Love. – every day.

  2. I so agree about low-cut jeans. I don’t even own a pair of jeans anymore and only wear dresses now.
    Actually I think I have a pair of pajama jeans hanging out somewhere in case of emergencies. I got them for my birthday this year and pretty much don’t recommend them at all.