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Q&A with Esthetician Jenneane Rocha

Now that I’m rapidly approaching 35, caring for my skin has become a top priority. Sure, I probably should have started being diligent with my skincare regimen earlier in my life, but as the French say, “c’est la vie” or, as we Americans like to say, “better late than never.”

So, for the better half to the past year I’ve had monthly facial appointments with local esthetician Jenneane Rocha (of Jenneane’s on J). The first time I met with Jenneane, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted let alone needed. I let her assess my skin and determine the best solutions to tackle my oily skin, and combat my wrinkles and blemishes. I’m still not sure exactly what she does each time (mostly because I just let her do her thing), but I can say I’ve seen vast improvements since I started seeing her regularly. Hopefully, with her help and by maintaining my own at-home routine we’ve been able to cut some wrinkles off at the pass!

In addition to relying on Jenneane’s expertise, I also really appreciate that she never pushes any products or services on me. Oh, and she’s freaking hilarious and super easy to talk to. I actually really look forward to getting the scoop on her life and talking about mine…it’s kind of like therapy that way!

While I’ve only used Jenneane for my skincare needs, she does offers a host of waxing services (for basically any body part you can think of) and I always ask her random questions about the process. I figured if I had a couple skincare and waxing questions for her, others might as well. So, I asked Jenneane to use her expertise to enlighten us. Here’s her interview and some shots of her adorable Midtown-based studio.

You can find more about Jenneane (and Jenneane’s on J) on TwitterFacebook and Yelp. Her services are by appointment, so give her a call if you’re interested in booking one for yourself…(916) 444-2691Oh, and check out Jenneane’s “Closet Case” post here.

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How long have you been an esthetician?
11 years.

When did you first know that’s what you wanted to do?
I’ve been waxing myself since I was 12 years old. My aunt was a hairdresser and she used to let me sweep the floors at the salon when I was younger and I loved it! She bought me a wax pot and I learned how to wax myself. I knew I loved seeing my aunt and the women there make people feel good about themselves. I didn’t officially know I wanted to do esthetics until my third year of college. I had changed majors so many times and finally came back to esthetics and loved it!

What do you like most about your job?
I value and love my clients! I love meeting new people and clients, too! Here’s my mission statement for how I do my business, “To be honest and transparent with my clients about their skincare needs and to make sure every client is completely happy with my services.”

What is your most popular service?
I would have to say probably eyebrow waxing or Brazilian waxing.

What are one or two of the biggest skincare mistakes?
One mistake I see often is when buying products many people with problematic skin want anything to work so they buy an entire line at one time. The best way to try products is one at a time, that way if something isn’t working you can pinpoint it and leave that particular product out of your routine.

What is one skincare must?

Is it possible to shrink pores?
You can not actually “shrink” pores—they’re there for a reason, i.e. they provide a way for your body to flush out toxins. Although, there are ways to minimize their appearance. Our bodies are all different and there are many causes for bigger pores—smoking, age, oily skin, etc. The best way to treat large pores is to pinpoint those issues and treat them based on said issue.

What products or skin care regimen can help with adult acne?
Just like large pores, there can be many factors contributing to adult acne. Hormones, diet, allergies, skin care regimen and stress can all contribute to adult acne. The best thing would be to come in for a skin consultation and go from there. Sometimes something as simple as changing your pillowcases more frequently can help.

How can I combat wrinkles?
The first thing I always try to stress is PREVENT! That means take care of your skin when you are younger—I’m talking about sunblock, sunblock, and more sunblock! All of the things we know and choose to ignore in our 20s. After the damage is done it becomes harder, but exfoliation works wonders to combat wrinkles.

Do you have any skincare products you swear by?
I swear by C-ESTA Serum from Jan Marini, and their C-Estamins (skin vitamins)—those vitamins are the miracle pill!

What lifestyle changes can improve someone’s skin?
Staying hydrated, eating healthy and exercising. It’s amazing what just those three things can do for your skin.

Be honest, how painful is getting “down there” waxed?
It definitely isn’t relaxing, but it isn’t as bad as you think if your esthetician knows what they are doing. I think many of us have heard horror stories from our girlfriends, and that experience may have been with someone that wasn’t well trained. To hurt less, hair needs to be grown out for 4 to 6 weeks…this makes sure all of your hair growth cycles have grown out (when it is too short it can cause breakage and ingrown hairs).

What are the benefits of waxing your bikini area vs shaving?
Think of a textbook picture of a hair. Thick at the bottom, thin at the top. When shaving you are cutting the hair off at the thickest point of the hair…so, it grows back thick and feels like stubble. When you wax, you are pulling it out by the root so the thinnist part of the hair is what grows back. After time, and when you are on a regular schedule, the hair grows back thinner and more sparse.

Any tips on how to prevent ingrown hairs?
I swear by exfoliation gloves and Tend Skin.

What are the benefits of getting your eyebrows waxed vs tweezing on your own?
The shape. I think as women we have some weird natural urge to pick at things…sometimes over tweezing can really ruin the shape. Plus, it takes time out of your daily grooming routine.



  1. Great job on the post Erin!!!!

  2. Great feature! Thinking of trying her out some day.

  3. Debbie

    Jenneane is absolutely “THE BEST” at what she does! If you haven’t visited her, do so, your skin will thank you!