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I’m not gonna lie. I drank a lot of wine this week. I needed it, trust me. It was a rough week full of challenges at work, a sick puppy (which led to several accidents in the house…poor boy) and loud neighbors that made sleeping difficult. Of course, this week also had some high points. My brother turned 37 and I got to embarrass him by blogging old pictures of him (including the obligatory nudie tub shot). Anyway, we had awesome style as kids…just check out the shots below! Oh, and I also won a Holga camera thanks to one of my favorite “virtual” friends, Marmie, who blogs at Pamplemousse! That’s enough chatter from me, here are some pics I snapped this week:



  1. Hope your puppy is ok now…you had a busy week! Nothing wrong with some medicinal imbibing. 😉

  2. erin (aka bows & sparrows)

    @Susan – Thanks, Susan. He is feeling much better, which means I get to sleep more!