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Happy Birthday, Ian!

Today is my brother’s birthday. His name is Ian, and he pretty much rocks. Sure, he used to chase me around the house until I locked myself in the bathroom where I’d wait like a sitting duck. And, yeah, he used to jump out at me during the scary parts of movies. Oh, and then there was that whole thing where he’d pin me down and play “typewriter” on my chest (ugh). Still, throughout it all he’s always been my rock when I really needed him. He’s the person I call when I need advice about cars or jobs or boys. Oh, and we also happen to work together. Anyway, I’ve always felt kind of bad for only children or those who weren’t close with their siblings…simply because I couldn’t imagine not having or being close to mine.

Happy birthday, Ian…you’re the best!



  1. Such a sweet and thoughtful post! Makes me wish I was closer to my older brother. PS – Those pictures are AWESOME.

  2. you two are adorable! i’m jealous you are close to your brother. not so much here.

    happy birthday, ian!

    ps – you share a name with my cat.