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Full Belly Farm Dinner

This past weekend, Jeff and I joined eight of our friends (and 20+ strangers) for a farm tour and dinner at Full Belly Farm in the beautiful Capay Valley. Once a month, from April to September, farmers and chefs Amon and Jenna host a farm to fork meal at the 350-acre certified organic farm. As soon as I stumbled upon their site (while hunting for potential wedding venues), I knew the farm dinner was something my friends and I had to experience!

When we first arrived, we were treated to fresh slices of sugary-sweet melon, and ice-cold lemon-verbena tea, water and the most delicious melon juice I’ve ever tasted. After all of the guests had arrived, we boarded a tractor-pulled wagon for a 45-minute tour of the farm. Amon led the tour, describing the farm’s philosophy, pointing out the diverse crops and various animals found on the property, and even stopping to let us pick and sample cherry tomatoes straight off the vine.

Once the tour was over, we made our way to a long dinner table setup along the main house on the property. The menu for the evening consisted of six courses, including a house made pasta (made from eggs from their chickens) topped with basil, cherry tomatoes and fresh ricotta (made from milk from their cows). It was seriously amazing! I think I may even have dreams about the stuff. The rest of the menu was just as mouthwatering, except for the peach splits with butterscotch ice cream, which totally stole the show for me. Then again, I do love me some sugar!

My friends must have thanked me no less than a dozen times for discovering and signing us up for the dinner. It was truly a spectacular night that we will all remember for years to come. In fact, it’s something we’ve vowed to make an annual tradition for our group of friends. I want to say thanks again to Amon, Jenna and clan for making the evening so special and memorable.

And now for some photos…

Full Belly Farm Full Belly Farm Full Belly Farm 5

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