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Craft Collective :: Totes

Last night, a group of my friends got together for a ladies’ craft night. A few months ago we met at my house to attempt cross stitching (see our attempts here) and have been trying to get together again ever since. Through our discussions, we decided that we should rotate houses, so no one person is always burdened with playing hostess. The general idea is that whoever is hosting decides on the craft project for the evening and is responsible for buying all the supplies needed–allowing everyone else to simply show up armed with snacks, wine or beer and enough money to cover their portion of the supplies.

This month, Shannon Ander (who was featured in “Closet Case” here) played hostess. The craft of the night? Freezer paper stenciled tote bags. The cost to each crafter was a mere $10 and we all walked away with awesome new tote bags…made by us! I’m not going to provide you guys with a tutorial, but after a quick Internet search I found that one of my favorite blogs, How About Orange, offered up one here. At any rate, here are some pictures from our craft night–sorry, some are a tad on the blurry side.

Our hostess scored these sturdy tote bags off Etsy from a guy de-stashing his craft supplies. She got an awesome deal!
A gaggle of scissors–a must for nearly any DIY adventure!
Some of the crafty ladies (l-r): Rosemary, Sarah, Darcey, Ibeth & Jen
Rosemary & Sarah. I love these ladies!
Me & Darcey mean mug the camera.
Kate (aka Kitty Kat) shows off her anchor design.
Darcey designed these pears for her tote, which she plans to use for shopping at the farmer's market.
Veronica chose a robot design for her tote.
Robot + Veronica & Kate = adorable.
I was feeling uninspired, so I simply typed up "meh." in Helvetica.
Time to brush up.
Umm, how cute is Darcey?!
Jen hard at work on her design.
Rosemary & Sarah get lost in concentration.
Erin is a new mom and a total pro at multitasking.
Darcey & Veronica take a break from crafting to pose for a photo–aren't they cute?!
Kate's anchor goes for the gold!
Sarah isn't much of a crafter, but she did an awesome job!
Veronica enters a blue period.
Our lovely hostess Shannon poses with some of her previous freezer-paper projects–both feature her idol, George Michael.
Kitty Kat and her anchor tote. She was totes happy!
She can, can! Katie is a member of a canning club, which inspired her tote's design.
Ibeth struck gold with her silhouette of a church in Norway.
Darcey and her new tote make the perfect "pear." Heehee! Sorry, that was pretty cheesy...not to mention blurry.
Me + Meh.





  1. i love your meh. bag. looks like craft night success!

  2. Greg

    Super cool. Super jealous my uber manliness prevents me from attending.

  3. Those totes look so awesome- what a fun night!

  4. All of these photos are great BUT my favourite is the one of Erin “multitasking” with a beer and an iron.

  5. Kimberly

    Great job, ladies! I can’t wait to try this out myself.

  6. This is awesome! I would love to join a crafting group! So fun 🙂