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Closet Case :: Kachet Jackson-Henderson

Kachet Jackson-Henderson might be my new best friend. If she’ll have me. Undeniably adorable, this stylish lady is vivacious, intelligent and downright stunning. Kachet describes herself as a little bit sensitive, sometimes selfish, incredibly loyal and the best friend you’ll ever have. She’s also a fellow fashion blogger, writing about fashion, beauty products and life in general over at The Lipstick Giraffe.

At our photo shoot earlier this week, I asked the 5’9″ beauty how old she was. She replied with the dreaded, “How old do I look?” After guessing 31 and being met with a gleeful, “Nope. Younger. Guess again,” I offered up a second guess of 28. Kachet laughed and proudly announced she was a mere 24 years old. Quickly adding that she’s a Leo and will turn 25 come August.

Part of the reason I thought Kachet was so much older than she actually is (aside from the fact that I like to think everyone is in their 30s because I am) was because of the way this local It girl carries herself. She exudes confidence and is clearly comfortable being herself—sometimes playful and goofy, other times serious and driven. It’s this killer combination that has led her to have a successful career in marketing.

As a project manager at MeringCarson, a Sacramento-based ad agency, Kachet works on projects for Visit California, Walt Disney World, The Vintage Estate and veteran initiative Got Your 6. Still figuring out what her dream job might be, Kachet is sure she’s in the right industry.

“I can’t see myself working in any other field than marketing so I guess I’m on the right track and pretty fortunate to be starting my career now,” she remarked.

If she does decide to veer into another industry, I might suggest modeling. Just look at how gorgeous she is…

For more on Kachet, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter, PinterestFacebook, Bloglovin’ and Instagram. You won’t regret it!

How would you describe your style?
It’s a mixed bag—a little bit feminine, a pinch of edgy with a dose of colorful. But if I had to choose one word, I’d have to say comfortable. I don’t wear anything that I don’t feel comfortable in. It’s an instant confidence killer if you’re constantly worrying about bunching of your dress or your pants cutting off your circulation.

Who are your favorite designers?
Rachel Roy, Tory Burch, Vivienne Westwood and of course, Chanel (can I please meet Karl Lagerfeld?).

If you could raid anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?
Joan Crawford. The shoulder pads, the gowns—oh! I’ve loved her since I was nine. I guess in present day I’d have to say Gwen Stefani, Rihanna or Katie Holmes. What a mixed bag.

Where do you turn for fashion inspiration?
I enjoy reading People Style Watch and InStyle magazine. I grew up reading Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and InStyle—thanks to my mom and grandmother who were subscribers and always dressed from head to toe.  Other bloggers inspire me—styling things in ways I had never thought of. And, I also get inspiration from the people I encounter while travelling.

Is there an item you’re currently eyeing?
Yes! Immediately, I am looking for a cargo/safari vest in green. Old Navy had one last year, and I tried to get it on eBay recently and missed it, so if you have suggestions or want to get rid of one—let’s talk! Long term, I’m looking into buying a timeless bag. I’d love a Louis satchel or a Chanel classic chain bag. We’ll see!

What was your most recent wardrobe purchase?
I bought some electric blue cutoffs at Nordstrom Rack for $6.

What is one item in your closet you can’t live without?
 My denim blazer. I wear it all the time.

What’s in your closet that you’ve never worn?
A chiffon dress I bought at Heart. I had it in mind to wear to a wedding, and I changed my mind at the last minute. Then the weather got bad, but now that it’s nice again, that little baby will be making an appearance soon.

How often do you purge items from your closet, and where do your castaways go?
I do it after every season. I go through, take out things that are 1) Not appropriate for the season and 2) Something I won’t wear again. When I’m done, I usually take my things to Freestyle or Crossroads. The items that they don’t take, I will donate to the Salvation Army or Shoes & Sandwiches.

What are your favorite styling products?
Lipstick is a must. For years I only wore gloss, with very little color. Now, I feel naked without lipstick. My favorite color is Dubonnet by MAC. My skin loves Trader Joe’s Enrich moisturizer better than anything I’ve used—and it doesn’t hurt that it’s under $5. Now that I’m wearing my naturally curly hair (I cut off all my chemically treated hair last July) it loves oil—olive or coconut and even Moroccan oil. It eats it up! Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue, Eco Styler gel and my alltime favorite Kiehl’s Silk Groom crème. I first started using it on my relaxed hair when damp and it would ensure a smooth blow dry.  Now, it gives my hair very defined curls without weighing it down or making it sticky. Although I love my OPI and Zoya polishes, Revlon has some really fun colors this season, and they are under $4 at WalMart.

Have any shopping spots you’re willing to divulge?
I’ll tell it all—there’s no shame in my game. My fav local boutiques – Heart, Firefly, LeGacy and Tela. Gap, Old Navy, Ross and TJ Maxx. Let me tell you, nothing beats the TJ Maxx in Moraga. Their sale racks have current items, and not the rejects. Joe Jeans for 20? Yes, please. They also have a special designer section called “The Runway” where you can get Christian Louboutin, Rachel Roy, Marc Jacobs to name a few for a great price! Don’t believe me? Read the Yelp reviews.

Make a day trip out of it and have some great lunch in town. No matter where I shop, I always shop sale. I seldom ever buy anything full price.

Give me your 5 favorite local haunts.
Home! The Crocker Art Museum, the Red Rabbit, Massage Envy Midtown (ask for Katy, she’s amazing) and new favorite Blackbird Kitchen & Bar.

What music do you listen to when you’re getting ready to go out?
My dolled-up, getting-ready-to-strut-my-stuff music? Any Britney Spears will get me moving. The older the BritBrit, the better.  Also, need some Rihanna. Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” and “She’s a Bad Mama Jama” by Carl Carlton.



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