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Closet Case :: Adam Taylor

I met Adam Taylor at the very first GOOD: street food + design market event earlier this summer, where his bright red pants and killer style caught my eye. When I accosted approached him he was super friendly and totally open to being featured as part of this column. Needless to say, I was stoked he said, “yes.”

Currently a graphic designer at the Crocker Art Museum as well as a freelance designer, bassoonist and avid traveler, the 22-year-old keeps himself very busy. With aspirations to become an exhibition designer/design consultant for museums, Adam has his sights locked on his goals and there’s just no stopping him.

“I am also interested in pursuing an MA/PhD program in design and/or exhibition studies when the time is right,” Adam remarked. “Hopefully whatever it is that I do, international travel can be an integral part to my life,” he added.

Adam and I intended to meet up several months ago, but triple-digit temps and busy schedules kept leading to postponements. Luckily, fall got the memo it was supposed to arrive and our busy schedules cleared up long enough for us to schedule the shoot. I’m sure glad we were able to get something on the books as I had a blast with Adam and his boyfriend Peter, who joined us for a couple shots. Those boys are a little wacky, and a lot awesome!

At any rate, I think this post has waited long enough to make it’s debut. So, without further ado, here are a few shots of Adam and his stylish wardrobe.

For more of Adam, follow him (@AdamMusing) on Twitter or check out his website.

How would you describe your style?
Artful, coordinated, creative.

Who are your favorite designers?
I’m not great with my designers! My clothing comes from H&M, Gap, Banana Republic, Nordstrom/Rack, some second hand stores, my grandpa’s closet, my favorite boots are from a Swedish boutique called Håkanssons Skor.

If you could raid anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?
Jónsi (from the band Sigur Rós). I love that his style can be crazy creative – costume-esque, or plain with simple colors & pieces. I want to know more about this bird costume. Plus, I just adore him and his beautiful voice, and I wouldn’t mind another visit to Iceland.

Where do you turn for fashion inspiration?
I think my inspiration comes from people I see on the streets, wearing clothing in interesting ways. I lived in Copenhagen for a bit and really felt comfortable with integrating Danish fashion into my wardrobe… I think men are more free to wear things that are a bit more provocative than in the US.

Is there an item you’re currently eyeing?
There was a really great brown leather satchel at GOOD: street food + design market—a tad out of my budget right now.

What was your most recent wardrobe purchase?
A couple of months ago, I bought a simple white button-up shirt. I don’t shop unless I find something perfect.

What is one item in your closet you can’t live without?
My grandfather’s brown leather shoes. They were given to me after he passed. I’m wearing them out, but they are still a staple in my week of fashion.

What’s in your closet that you’ve never worn?
I have a pair of khakis that I haven’t ever worn. I’m just not really into “traditional” khakis.

How often do you purge items from your closet, and where do your castaways go?
I hardly ever get rid of clothing. Since I recently moved, I did decide to purge some, which I donated to Goodwill.

What are your favorite styling products?
I am really excited about my Paul Mitchell styling paste that my hair stylist, Mars, recommended to me. It just takes my hair into the perfect waves and smells awesome.

Have any shopping spots you’re willing to divulge?
I’m not much of a shopper…I think clothing slowly finds me, really.

Give me your 5 favorite local haunts.
I’ve recently moved here to Sac, so I probably don’t have any super well-kept secrets…

No particular order:

+ Capitol Park, especially the rose garden: Smells luscious.
+ Broadacre Cafe (K & 10th): I want to try the honey latte next.
+ Crocker Art Museum: This place is a real gem. I’m not praising it just because I work here, either! I have been to many an art museum, but Crocker has a special eclectic charm with the mixture of architecture styles and the vast collections of art from around the world. I feel so lucky to be a part of this creative institution.
+ The Naked Lounge at Q & 15: Bowl of soul!
+ Thursday lunchtime farmers’ market at Capitol Mall.

What music do you listen to when you’re getting ready to go out?
On Spotify: Classical/Skrillex/Of Monsters & Men. In the Car: NPR.