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Vision Quest

Today, the lovely Bailey Nielson (Hello, Bailey!) left a comment on my “Black & Tan” post, which led me back to her lovely blog, Commander in Chic. There I found myself wishing I looked as cute in glasses as she does. I also spotted her post on glasses, which in turn introduced me to BonLook. Still following?

At any rate, that’s where I discovered these awesome Massamousso Lorgnette eyeglasses, opera-inspired glasses attached to a 27-inch gold chain (complete with a midnight blue velvet bag). In addition to being super cute, all profits on sales from the glasses are given to the Desert Flower Foundation, an organization striving to put an end to female genital mutilation in Africa. So, by giving something to yourself, you’re also helping a good cause…which is pretty fabulous. They’re available in blacktortoise and red…go check ’em out!


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  1. galfriday

    These are pretty ‘spec’tacular! 😉