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Good Things To Come…

I’m probably not the first and I certainly won’t be the last to blog about today’s GOOD: street food + design market, which isn’t surprising given that it was totally awesome and had photo ops in every nook and cranny of the warehouse where it went down (1409 Del Paso Road, specifically). Thanks to the folks at Unseen Heroes, I got to take a sneak peek at today’s event an hour earlier than the general public—which made photo taking that much easier! The event featured an array of fabulous food, drinks, activities, music and goods by the likes of Heart Clothing Boutique, Broadacre Coffee, Toro Quality Goods, Crispin, Sol Collective, Parker Benjamin, Gypsy Mobile Boutique, Phono Select and more. By the time I was leaving, there was a line out the door and bodies all around (if I bumped into you, I’m sorry!). This was the first installment of what’s going to be a monthly event happening through November…so if you didn’t get to go today, fret not. Just make sure to mark your calendar for the next one, slated for July 1st.




  1. Vivie

    So sad I missed it! It looks like it was an amazing event!

  2. Great photos!! I agree–the space was ideal with all that natural light. Nice seeing you today!

  3. Wish I got to meet you. BTW, your camera takes incredible photos. What kind of camera do you use?

  4. Felipe Villegas

    You were dead on! This event had a classy feel something Sacramento needs, just found your blog and it’s Fantastic! BTW I met you and your sense of style is impeccable. I’ll keep reading if you keep writing. Thank You.

  5. erin (aka bows & sparrows)

    @Amber – Lovely to see you, too! Can’t wait to see your pictures!!

  6. erin (aka bows & sparrows)

    @Melissa @ Best Frien – Aww! Thanks for the compliment, Melissa! I shoot with a Canon Rebel Txi. 🙂 Kachet (aka The Lipstick Giraffe) pointed you out to me, but I was too embarrassed to accost you.

  7. Beautiful photos! I was there w/ my husband and our twins… so much fun! Will be posting on my blog soon. Great to see GOOD getting so much positive press! xo

  8. Great photos Erin!! Looks like a great time.

  9. Found your post by searching for photos of the Market to see if anyone else photographed the event.

    Interesting how other different people see the same event. I was there and didn’t notice some of the things in your photos. Thanks for posting them for us to see.

  10. My husband (Anthony) recommended your blog to me and I’m so glad he did. I love your pics from GOOD. And what a great picture you took of Bridgette from the Gypsy truck. Hope to run in to you at the next event!

  11. Erin, these photos are AWESOME.