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Clogged Up

Back in high school, I owned a pair of brown leather clogs from J. Crew. At the time, I thought they were super stylish and they were definitely comfortable and easy. Eventually, I grew tired of the bulky and unsexy shape and they made their way to a local thrift store.

Nowadays, clogs seem to be much more stylish—available in a variety of shapes and colors. Take for instance these “beyond clogs” by Maguba, which takes the traditional Swedish clog and adds an urban twist. Choose from an existing style/color combo or create your own by selecting from four styles and two dozen colors/patterns.

What do you think about these modern-day clogs? Are they stylish and suitable for urban ladies or are they frumpy and better suited for school marms?



  1. I used to manage a store in Berkeley that sold Danskos, Campers, etc. All ‘cute’.. as ‘cute’ as a clog can get but I just never got into them. When I would get a comp pair, I’d just sell them at crossroads. Too ‘Berkeley Hills’ for my taste 😉

  2. Agreed. Not my thing. Too clunky and reminiscent of my rave days!

  3. I’m obsessed with clogs, and have been for so long too!

  4. Love’em. I have a pair of Hasbeen boots but clearly need to update with a summer version as well.