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Closet Case :: Tre Borden

Tre Borden is the type of guy who can rock a lavender tie, pink blazer and pair of yellow skinny jeans and make it look enviably sharp. He’s not afraid to be bold, and you gotta give him mad props for that. While Tre’s style choices may seem like risky business to the less adventurous, this lad’s got some serious fashion chops under his belt. You see, after graduating from Yale, this style-savvy gent relocated to New York City where he interned for both Oscar de la Renta and Diesel. Bam!

During his time in NYC, Tre also moonlighted as a party reporter for New York Magazine—a job that undoubtedly provided an intimate look at some the city’s most fashion-forward denizens. On top of all that, Tre also co-founded a company that provided college students with access to custom-tailored suits. Proof that this guy doesn’t underestimate the importance of a fine fit.

The Sacramento native eventually moved back to California, attending the UC Davis Graduate School of Management program. After graduating, Tre landed a job as a manager at a local utility company; however, the gig ultimately lacked the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that he craved. Now, this local “artrepreneur” is doing his part to make art accessible to the masses via Exhibit S, a 7,300-square-foot artist studio/gallery located in the Downtown Plaza. He also acts as the business manager for gallery co-founder/resident artist, Danny Scheible, the mastermind behind Tapigami.

For our shoot, Tre suggested we meet at Exhibit S so I could get a feel for the creative hub. During wardrobe changes, I chatted with artist Danny Scheible, who showed me Tapigami in action, and scoped out works by the likes of Maren Conrad, Matt Brown and Elliott C. Nathan.

Read on for more about Tre’s fashion sensibility, whose wardrobe he’d like to raid (and smell) and where in Sac you might run into this man about town.

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Describe your personal style.
I would say that my look is Carlton Banks meets Tyson Beckford…or so I like to think.

Who are your favorite designers?
Trovata, Michael Bastian, Polo, Gant, Uniqlo, Marc Jacobs.




If you could raid anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?
I would probably raid Pharrell’s closet as we’re close to the same size and I think he’s probably the male with the most style right now. I’d also peep Daniel Craig’s to find out who tailors all his suits, and to maybe smell them. Haha.

Where do you turn for fashion inspiration?
I try to stay on top of what’s current by looking at New York Magazine’s The Cut blog (where I was formerly a freelance reporter) and looking at my fashion-savvy friends’ Instagram accounts. Otherwise GQ, Style.com, and whatever Becks and Kanye are doing.

Exhibit S Exhibit S Exhibit S

What was your most recent acquisition?
My favorite item to acquire is a pair of shoes, and most recently I’ve been rocking these driving moccasins from J. Crew that I bought in New Orleans for a wedding. Not sure what they’re called because I’ve literally worn them so much the inside is illegible. Perfect for dressing up or down and very comfortable. I need five more pairs in different colors at least.

What is one item in your closet that you can’t live without?
Hmm, it used to be this AMAZING grandpa sweater from Trovata that was stolen a couple of years back (curse you FACES!), but now I would say that it’s a white and navy blazer I had made a few years ago when I ran a tailoring company out of NYC/Shanghai. It is the perfect “wow” piece that fits like a glove and always has the intended effect. I need to scotch guard the shoulders as I can usually tell which 10 women have hugged me when I wear it, but besides that it’s flawless.

Tre Tre

What’s in your closet that you’ve never worn?
Hmm, that’s hard because I typically don’t buy something I’m not going to wear right away. Until very recently, it was a cross-country jersey I’ve had since my high school days at Jesuit, but since I’ve been going to the gym it’s actually looked good (I was 93 lbs when I first got it and it was loose as hell). Naturally, I dusted it off and wore to a few PRIDE events last month. Go, Marauders!

Ties or bow ties?
Bow ties. Almost always bow ties.


Style-wise, is there a current trend you can’t stand?
Low crotch pants. Doesn’t look good on anyone, especially not Justin Beiber.

Have any shopping spots you care to divulge?
For clothes Gilt, for accessories GOOD: Street Food + Design Market and Scout Living. For filler pieces, I usually stop at Uniqlo when I’m in New York.

Give me 5 of your favorite local haunts (doesn’t have to be fashion related).
Lowbrau, 24 Hour Fitness, Exhibit S (what, what!), McKinley Park Tennis Courts and the Rind.

Tre Tre

Where’s the most inspiring place you’ve been?
Living in New York City for three years and working in fashion probably has the most to do with my personal style now.

What book are you currently reading?
“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

Tre Tre

Exhibit SExhibit S Exhibit SExhibit S Exhibit S

Exhibit S





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