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Closet Case :: Schielah Magnolia


One of the biggest perks of being at the helm of “Closet Case” is that I get to meet some truly fabulous ladies and, on occasion, gents. They invite me into their homes and let me rummage through their clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. Sometimes they even treat me to tasty snacks and adult beverages. It’s a pretty awesome gig, no doubt. And, while I have adored everyone I have met, some ladies make a lasting impression on me. Case in point, the lovely Schielah Magnolia.

An indelible beauty, Schielah also posses undeniable charm and grace. When I first arrived for the shoot, she welcomed me into her home with a hug and a warm smile. We sat and chatted for a bit (over wine, of course) before getting down to business. After only a few minutes, I was convinced Schielah was a woman after my own heart.

Currently a stylist at Deeda Salon, Schielah has attended Bumble and Bumble University in New York, as well as courses at both Vidal Sassoon and the Wella Studio in Los Angeles. While she confesses that she never dreamed about becoming a stylist, the 26-year-old beauty also admits that she loves what she does and can’t image doing anything else. That said, if her talents landed her a postition as an editorial hair stylist, she’d have no qualms with traveling the globe and making people beautiful.


Describe your personal style.
Preppy, with a pinch of street and…you fill in the blank ____________!

Who are your favorite designers?
Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Rag & Bone, Chloe, J. Crew and pretty much anything by the Olsen twins.

If you could raid anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?
Can I pick two? Jenna Lyons meets Kate Moss.


Where do you turn for fashion inspiration?
British fashion magazines and all the lovely and stylish women I work with at Deeda Salon.

Is there an item you’re currently obsessing over? 
A Chloe white pantsuit and a YSL over sized classic black fedora.

What was your most recent acquisition?
A ticket to Holland and black Jeffrey Campbell sandal-booties.

Schielah Schielah & Sam

What is one item in your closet that you can’t live without? 
 It’s more of an accessory, but classic Ray-Ban aviators.

What’s in your closet that you’ve never worn?
Nothing, I get too excited and wear whatever is new right away! But sometimes I only wear it once because after the first date with it, I realize that maybe Joan Rivers should have come after me for it!

Flats or heels?
Neither. Boots! Short ones, tall ones…they are so versatile and easy to work in.

Schielah Schielah Schielah

Lipstick or nude?

How often do you purge items from your closet, and where do your castaways go?
I purge all the time. I’m a bit OCD like that and don’t like clutter. It usually goes to my older sister or one of the girls at Deeda Salon. Then I see them wear it completely differently than I would and fall back in love and want it back! But of course, I let them keep it because I’m nice like that.

What is one trend you can’t stand?
Ombre hair! It’s supposed to be pretty and subtle without looking trashy and extreme. Too many people are walking around with what I like to call “ombre gone bad”!

Accessories Accessories Accessories Channel

What are your favorite styling products?
This is an easy question for me because when I visit my dad, who lives in Africa, I have to break it down to the bare bones, I can’t bring everything with me! Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode, Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder (dry shampoo), L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara, L’Occitane hand cream, and my Clarisonic…is that too much? Haha!

If I looked in your purse, what would I find?
Lipstick, plastic (never cash), almonds and a lint roller (there is always someone else’s hair on me!).


Favorite shopping spots? 
J. Crew, ASOS, All Saints, Zara and, of course, Cuffs!

Give me 5 of your favorite local haunts.
Deeda Salon with my favorite girls, Scout Living, Bonn Lair for trivia night, Tower Theater for a solo movie date, and Chando’s Tacos!