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Closet Case :: Jen Paige

Hair stylists are always popping up as part of this column. In fact, they probably account for about a quarter of all of the fashionable folks I’ve featured. It’s probably because they tend to be risk takers and trend setters when it comes to fashion, always rocking more inventive looks than most people (myself included) have the wherewithal to put together. On top of that, they generally have killer locks and magnetic personalities—at least, the successful ones do. Hair stylist Jen Paige, owner of The Champagne Parlour (10th & S streets), is no exception.

In addition to offering up her own refreshing takes on current trends, this 25-year-old natural beauty possesses an impressive mix of gumption, charisma and humbleness—all packed into a petite 5’2″ frame. Even in the face of adversity (she’s recently faced medical struggles), Jen has remained resilient, keeping her head high and maintaining her lust for life.

Passionate about her career from a very young age, Jen went to the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, CA when she was just 17—realizing one of her longtime dreams. After a year at the academy, Jen scored a gig as an assistant/hair stylist at Sassoon Salon in San Francisco. Her medical issues and the desire to be closer to family eventually led her to Sacramento, where she immediately fell in love with the slower pace. After working as an educator at the Paul Mitchell Partner School at MTI for two years, Jen decided it was time to go out on her own, opening The Champagne Parlour. It’s been three years since she opened her salon, and Jen is truly living her dream.

Jen is offering new clients a free hair cut with any color service, simply for mentioning this “Closet Case” interview. How awesome is that? New clients should book their free consultation prior to their service. Book your appointment by calling 916.342.5111.

Jen Paige

Describe your personal style.
I’m all over the board! On my days off I go way casual, shorts, sandals, snap back and a tee or a light dress. Can you tell I’m ready for summer? To work it’s usually dark colors, high heels (so I’m tall enough to see the top of people’s heads when I work on them) and usually some Stevie Nicks-esque flowy cardi over whatever I’m wearing. My go-to outfit is shorts, knee-high boots, a tank and a light over shirt of some sort.

Who are your favorite designers?
Marc, Free People, Versace, McQueen, Miu Miu. Now do I own any of these? Not really. Other than a yellow knit Versace dress, and brown platform Miu’s, which were a hand me down from my step mom over 10 years ago. And a Free People dress I just scored at Freestyle for $12.

Jen Paige Jen Paige Jen Paige

If you could raid anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?
Nicole Richie, Prince or Rachel Zoe’s vintage collection.

Where do you turn for fashion inspiration?
Magazines, Pinterest, window shopping, old movies (’50s-’70s).

accessories accessories

Is there an item you’re currently obsessing over? 
I’ve been wearing these taupe knee-high suede boots with everything since my birthday two years ago. They are by Report, and are still in perfect condition.

What was your most recent acquisition?
My Free People dress!

Jen Paige Jen Paige Jen Paige

What is one item in your closet that you can’t live without? 
My new swimsuit from Cuffs Urban Apparel! It’s a vintage inspired black, gathered one piece. Love! Can’t wait to wear it. One? Ahhh…realistically, of course. But ummmm…probably my Miu Miu platforms since they’re the most valuable item I own. Thank god for hand me downs.

What’s in your closet that you’ve never worn?
So many one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that I’ve never worn nor tailored to fit.

Jen Paige Jen Paige Jen Paige

Flats or heels?
Always heels! And flats on days off when I need to give my ankle a break. I broke it in 2007 and have had two surgeries. 

Lipstick or nude?
I never wear lipstick. When I try it ends up all over my face without me noticing. So I stick to Chapstick. 


How often do you purge items from your closet, and where do your castaways go?
A couple times a year. Though I never get rid of my good quality or one-of-a-kind items. So my closet is more of a collection than a wardrobe, considering I fit/wear about 10% of it.

What is one trend you can’t stand?
Floral print. The ’90s kind.

Jen Paige Jen Paige

What are your favorite styling products?
Pete Thomas Roth glycolic face wash. YSL highlight pen. Opi.

If I looked in your purse, what would I find?
Hemp cucumber jasmine lotion, hand sanitizer, vintage LV wallet, keys, change, iPhone, receipts, and usually a Snickers bar.

Jen Paige Jen Paige Jen Paige Jen Paige

Favorite shopping spots? 
CUFFS URBAN APPAREL! Though I’m not going to lie, I have an addiction to bargain shopping, so I really don’t shop at fancy places on the regular. I shop F21 (proudly). Ha.

Give me 5 of your favorite local haunts.
 Cuffs Urban Apparel, SPCA Thrift Store, Eco Thrift, the Rack, Freestyle/Crossroads.

Jen Paige Jen Paige





  1. Well isn’t she just totally darling!

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    @Jennifer – Right? She’s such a doll!

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